Fire on Koh Rong

* You can find English version down below*

Dva dneva nazaj je na Koh Rongu zagorelo. Ko sem lani odhajala so tole restavracijo Buffalo ravno odprli, sedaj pa je do tal pogorela. Skupaj s pomolom. Na srečo so domačini uspeli požar pogasiti preden bi se razširil naprej.

11742856_1606128546310528_7126963857841350416_n 13100736_1340754475938649_5908600409147501011_n 13173703_1340754482605315_5622585735361325774_n 13179057_1340756842605079_5164289053720811330_n 13139298_10156871634980076_6040917255648099770_n 13177764_10156871635295076_8832214173445409641_n

2 days ago there was a big fire on Koh Rong. Last year when I left they just opened this restaurant called Buffalo. Now it burned down together with the pier. Local people luckily managed to put the fire down in time.

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