France, mon amour!

In the rest of the days I took advantage of the nice weather and explored one city each day. The only city I wanted to see but couldn’t was Albi. I figured out too late that the busses don’t work on weekends. I woke up early and got ready, walked to the bus station … but the bus didn’t arrive. 🙂


The lake has a crest length of 780 m and maximum height of 32 m. I needed around one hour to walk to the lake in one direction. I didn’t know the exact way so I got lost too. But it was a beautiful day so I didn’t mind at all. Fresh air and a little hike felt good. It was so peaceful with no people around. When I reached it I laid down on the shore and enjoyed the chocolate croissant.


IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4962 IMG_4966 IMG_4969 IMG_4970


This little city with 10.000 inhabitants is located 35 kilometres out of Toulouse. The most notable physical feature of Revel is its central square, which is partially covered by a 14th-century roof, supported by wooden pillars and topped by a distinctive bell-tower. Every Saturday morning, a market is held in the square and surrounding streets in which a variety of goods, but especially food and clothing, is on sale. Another distinctive building is the large, Gothic-style town church of Notre-Dame, just south of the central square.

IMG_4972 IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_4977 IMG_4978


50 minute ride and I was in this small, lovely city. This day the weather was the worst in the whole week. It was cloudy, cold and on the verge of raining. Big parks, narrow streets, churches, squares and nice houses down by the riverside made a good impression.

IMG_4986 IMG_4989 IMG_4990 IMG_4992 IMG_4993 IMG_4995 IMG_4997 IMG_5000 IMG_5002 IMG_5005


The morning was so foggy I couldn’t see where I am going. But google maps on my phone gave me the right instructions. I did a lot of walking on this day. Around 6 kilometres in one way.  And when I came back from Soreze to the house I saw McDonalds sign and walked another 2 kilometres … all for a tasty hamburger.

IMG_5006 IMG_5007 IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_5012 IMG_5015 IMG_5017 IMG_5018 IMG_5020IMG_5022

It felt amazing being a traveler again. I missed this feeling. One week passed too fast, now I am already back at work at the hostel. Making more money so next time the trip can take longer, not just a week.

France, Au revoir! 🙂

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