Bonjour France!

So the first holidays after I came home from Asia in the end of May finally arrived! A cheap ticket I found on the internet was a perfect opportunity to take a week off at my job. Oh yes, if you don’t know yet … I have a full-time job now! It was the best Christmas gift I ever got.

So I decided to visit South of France. At Ljubljana airport, I almost had a little heart attack. Why? Tell me, what are the only 2 things you need to take with you on a trip like this? Money and travel documents. Well, I left all my documents at home and was stuck at the airport. I swear I have no idea how it happened, I checked at least 10 times before I left if I have everything. Luckily my roommates were at home and they drove all the way to Brnik for me. Thanks Ana and Ema. I owe you big time! So yes … The start of the trip didn’t really go as I planned.

The first night I had a layover in Brussels. I have never been to Belgium before but because I arrived very late and left early morning to Carcassone, Brussels still remains on my bucket list.

Weather in France is nice and warm, feels like spring arrived already. First city I visited was Toulouse. It felt good being a tourist after so long. I was walking around the city, taking photographs and enjoying the nice views. Toulouse’s nickname is The pink city. All the houses in the center are built with red bricks. I also loved the parks near the riverside, perfect for relaxing or running.
















During the day I noticed few things that caught my attention:
– Bus rides are very cheap. I paid 2.10 euros for a bus ticket that lasted 70 minutes.

– When you enter on a bus in Slovenia you usually pick a seat somewhere in the middle. Teenagers always go for the seats in the back. But here on the bus, all the people sat on the first chair that was available. Even young people were sitting in the front seats. I found it very interesting.

-Pedestrians have their own rules. No one cares about red lights. No one cares if cars are approaching. Crossing the road at any time is just normal.

– Every time I sat down, in a park, at Mc Donalds or river front …. Or few times when I was just walking down the street people approached me. It took few minutes and someone was sitting next to me. And they did not speak English. The only exception was this dude who wanted to talk to me from another side of the bridge. I still don’t know if they were just trying to be nice or if they had some secret intentions.

Beginning was perfect. I hope the rest will be the same.

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