How do I know I’ve been on Koh Rong a long time?

I’ve made this list a few months ago when I was living on Koh Rong and now I upgrated it with some funny gifs. Enjoy! 🙂

1. I am too lazy to go to the beach.

2. I know the names of all the dogs on the island. And cats. And babies.

3. I am a professional at drinking Shotguns.

4. My feet are fucked up.

5. I am used to being dirty and sweaty all the time.

6. I have sandflies bites everywhere.

7. Sand is everywhere on my body and in my room and I just don’t care.

8. I don’t remember the last time I wore sneakers, long pants or a hoodie.

9. I am used to cold showers, no AC and bad wi-fi connection.

10. I am very good at playing Shithead.

11. I don’t know what day of the week it is. Or month.

12. When new backpackers come to the island and ask me questions I know all the answers.

13. I lived in 7 different guesthouses so far.

14. I have 2 dreadlocks in my hair.

15. Hot sand is not burning my feet anymore.

16. Sleeping with spiders, geckos and mice is a daily thing.

17. I don’t get lost in the jungle on the way to Long Beach.

18. I can drink 10 Extra Joss and still sleep like a baby.

19. Wearing the same clothes for a few days is totally acceptable.

20. Even after all this things I never want to leave this island and Koh Rong will always be my second home.



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