Playscape became reality!

Friends of Koh Rong is an organisation on Koh Rong that helps the local community adapt to the tourism industry that is changing their way of life forever. Their main areas of focus are education and community capacity development.

The vision of the organisation is  a world where all young people can grow up safe, happy and healthy, striving to create successful futures for themselves.

Few months ago they started raising money to built a new playground for the kids on the island. And after a lot of work, afford and long process the playscape became reality.

Last post on Facebook says: ”The box has been unpacked, the Playscape, completed, and the students are overwhelmed with happiness to play freely on their new playground! A huge thank you to all our friends from near and far, for donating, designing and building this masterpiece. Thank you Caribou for sending this brilliant art piece all the way to Koh Rong! More photos and videos to come soon. HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!! Akoon Jarun!!”

It makes my day when I see how happy the kids are because of this. This is the proof that good people still exsist in this world.

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