Aussie friend visits Slovenia

I met Kristin while I was living in Cambodia. She was on Koh Rong one time before so we were friends with same people. And because of that we spent a lot of time together, hanging out and having fun. So after Cambodia she went to travel around Europe and in one of our conversations I mentioned her that she could come visit me too. And I am so glad this idea turned out into reality.


It was so nice to see her again after few months. She was staying with me in my apartment in Ljubljana for a couple of days. It was nice and sunny so I was her tour guide and I showed her all the nice places around Ljubljana. And in the evening we went out with some of my friends for some drinks and good music. But before that we Skyped with all the Cambodian brothers there on Koh Rong and it was so nice to see their faces after a long time. We just woke them up in the middle of the night. But it was worth it. Talking to Kristin about all the memories we made on the island just made me miss it even more.





For one night we went to my hometown to celebrate with my friends birthdays. When we arrived my mom cooked us a traditional meal called Žlikrofi. It was delicious. And the party after? It was so much fun. Kristin got to meet all my crazy friends and I bet she will remember that night for a long time.


Time passes by too fast when I am having fun. After a long time I had 5 days in a row off work. Little vacation felt good. Especially in such a good company.  It is interesting what a strong connection can be made with people you know for a short amount of time. While traveling I met so many people. And the connection I made with some of them is stronger then the one I have with people I’ve known my whole life. Well, she is one of them. Kristin is now heading towards England. She forgot her flip flops at my place. Thank God she won’t be needing them soon. Winter is coming. But we both want to go back to Cambodia so I told her that she will get her flipflips there. See you soon sister! Thank you for an amazing week. Miss you already.


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