Welcome to my new blog!

So finally, here it is. I haven’t been posting anything lately because I was busy with changing my old blog to a new server. And because I had no idea how to do it it took me a long time 🙂 There are a few changes. But the basics of the blog are staying the same.


  • TRAVELLER INTERVIEW – Every month i will post an interview with some of my amazing travel buddies I met along the way all over the world.
  • PHOTO OF THE WEEK – Every Monday you will find a new photo on my blog which will be the inspiration for the whole week.
  • TRAVEL QUOTES – Every Sunday. Quote. Old or new. The one that always touches your heart and wakes up a travel bug inside of you.

You can also Subscribe to me blog on the bottom of the page. This way I will keep you updated and you will be the first the see new posts! 🙂

And from now on everything will be in ENGLISH. Let’s get international! Maybe I will still post some personal stuff in Slovenian. We’ll see about that!

So my friends – SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT!

Let’s spread the word.


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