A motorbike trip from Nha Trang to DaLat with Lucky Ducky

So this one is going to be in English so more people will understand the review about an amazing last two days I had. And I am sorry in advance but It’s going to be a long post because I have so many beautiful pictures I want to share with you all. 2 days ago a guy named Duc approached me on the beach in Nha Trang, talking about the tour he does on his motorbike around Vietnam. His nickname is Lucky Ducky and he is a part of the Easy Rider team. He showed me some pictures from previous trips and they were very interesting. First I was a little bit sceptical about booking the trip because you never know who you can trust around here. He also showed me a book full of handwritten reviews from people all over the world and they all said the tour is a must do. After thinking about it for a while and not liking the city of Nha Trang very much I made up my mind and decided that I want to go. I was a little bit scared because I have neven been on a motorbike before and the traffic here is chaotic.

The route we did was from Nha Trang to DaLat. In two days there was about 400 kilometers we had to do so we had a long way to go. In the morning Duc picked me up with his Honda in front of my hotel. He put my backpacks in the back of the motorbike and we were ready to go. It took me just a few minutes to get used to driving on the bike. It was nice and windy, and the view was absolutely breathtaking all the time. He is a very good driver so I could just relax on the bike and enjoy. We stopped every 20 or 30 minutes to look around and to stretch our legs.

We stopped at fishermans village, on cocoa and coffee fields, in silk factory, I was riding an elephant, we went to see silk-worm farm, pepper farm, cashew nuts factory and much more. It was a long way every day, we were on the bike around eight hours each day. We slept at a local village in a homestay. It was a long wodden house near the lake.

One day costs 60$. The price includes the driver, gasoline, accomodation. The only thing you have to pay extra are drinks and food. And you can choose any destination you want and any amount of days you want to spend on the road. If I would have more time and money I would definetely book a longer tour. I think this is the only way you can see and explore the real Vietnam, not the ‘tourist Vietnam’. It felt good not seeing any tourist for 2 days and seeing a lot of local people waving at us, geeting us and being really friendy.

We tasted a lot of traditional vietnamese food and see a lot of things I have never seen before. Duc is a really good tour guide.  He speaks very good English and he knows a lot of things and because he is a local you can see a lot of things you wouldn’t be able to see by yourself. If you ever come to Vietnam, find him in Nha Trang a book a tour with him – you will have an amazing time (http://nhatrangeasyriderduc.com/). And he will make you laugh all the time with his funny jokes. You won’t regret it. So next time I come the Vietnam I will definetely ride a motorbike again.

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