Look Back – Portugal 2009

Since having a new theme and new menus on my blog I realized that the category ‘Europe’ is quiet empty. That’s why I decided to upload some older photos from my trips around Europe to fill it up. And also to stop my travel crawings just a little bit by remembering all the fun times I had.

I was in Portugal for 1 week in 2009 with my 2 friends, Anja and Monika. We went there to meet and see Sven while he was studying abroad in Coimbra.  We bought some really cheap tickets and flew to Porto with Ryanair. Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal and is on of the major urban areas in Southern Europe. It has a population of 1,4 million people. It is positioned next to the river Douro and the building on the riverside are really beautiful, colorful and old.

From here we went to Coimbra just for 1 night and after to the capital city, Lisbon. I liked the vibe of the city, crowded streets and people sitting outside with friends, having fun drinking and eating their dinner. The most beautiful part of this city for me is called Belem. Belém is recognized for its concentration of national monuments and public spaces, including a mixture of historical buildings and modern symbols of Portuguese culture.

After Lisbon we returned back to Coimbra. The university there is one of the oldest in Europe. This is the main reason why a lot of international and European students decide to go to study there. Beside the good parties. 🙂

At the end of our trip we rented a car and went on a day excursion down the Portugal coast. We stopped at Figueira de Foz, Nazare and Peniche. These beaches are very well known among the surfers all over the world. They are very good for waves. I remember we just sat on Nazare for a while, watching the waves in silence. It was so peaceful.

Portugal has a lot of beaches, people are welcoming, it has great variety of scenery and climate, it is easy to travel because it is fairly small country, it has great food and the sunsets are just breath taking. The only bad thing I can think of is that language can be an issue and that people take there things very slowly.

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